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Southwest Häme educational federation of municipalities

We offer vocational education and qualifications through Forssa Vocational Institute, as well as private sector complementary training through our limited company, Faktia Oy and Fokka Foundation, which focuses to support and speed up the employment of the local people.

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LHKK in a nutshell

Our educational consortium, Southwest Häme educational federation of municipalities, in Finnish Lounais-Hämeen koulutuskuntayhtymä aka LHKK, is among the most advanced providers of vocational education in Finland. We provide training for the working life of the future, by responding to our students’ educational requirements and the competency demands of local employers. We offer vocational education and qualifications through Forssa Vocational Institute, as well as private sector complementary training through our limited company, Faktia Oy.

Our owning members include local towns and communities: Forssa, Jokioinen, Humppila, Somero, Tammela, Urjala and Ypäjä. All our offices and campuses are situated in the town of Forssa. Our student total is around 3 500 annually and we have around 170 staff members. Our consortium revenue approximates 13 million euros annually.

We are dedicated to innovation and educational development, as well as ensuring vitality for the local business community. We work in full partnership with our working life associates, offering solutions to constantly developing requirements. We work closely with national educational operators and regional employment, youth work and working life associates, such as the employment office – and have received wide positive feedback during our varied collaboration. We have also formed several partnerships abroad through various international projects – within and beyond the EU.

Contributing to a sustainable future

Forssa Vocational Institute

We maintain and operate Forssa Vocational Institute, which provides vocational education for the surrounding region. Our campus is in Forssa, but some of our departments provide education on a national level. Our yearly student total is around 2 700 young and adult learners.

Our institution provides professional skills and qualifications to meet job market needs and supports our students in personal growth and professional development. We offer education in several fields and develop ourselves to respond to the requirements of modern working life. Our institute works together in flexible collaboration with various working life partners, dedicated to continued development and a sustainable future.

We are an active Erasmus+ partner, sending more than 60 students and staff members abroad yearly, as well as hosting students and staff from partner institutes.

Erasmus Partnership

If you would like to start working with us, please contact our international coordinator:
Mrs. Miia Ojala (in the picture on the right),
phone +358 40 3474 075,
email miia.ojala@lhkk.fi

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Faktia Ltd

Faktia is a limited company dedicated to developing skills and competences, offering our customers and partners individualized solutions to meet their needs. We are a working life partner offering customized and varied solutions for training and coaching needs, as well as providing recruitment services for individuals, organisations, and businesses.  

Fokka Foundation

Fokka foundation was established in 2022 and is situated in Forssa, Finland. It is part of the South-West Häme Municipal Education and Training Consortium.

The main goals of the foundation are supporting and speeding up the employment of the local people. Fokka develops new ways of guidance and individual planning for young people and adults. We help our customers to find their paths towards education, working careers or other suitable services.