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Forssa Vocational Institute (FAI) is located in Southern Finland, in the Kanta-Häme region, in the City of Forssa. Forssa is located within a ca. 100 km radius from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. The guiding principle of the Forssa Vocational Institute is to be a multidisciplinary, developing educational institution that meets the requirements of working life and supports each student’s vocational development in his or her chosen field.

FAI has approximately 1100 students and 140 staff. Vocational education and training is provided in six different fields preparing students for 18 different vocations. Vocational education and training is offered to young people and adults in the form of regular daytime studies, multiform learning or apprenticeship training.

The duration of the studies is three years.The scope of the qualification is 180 credits. The curriculum includes core subjects common to all qualifications (35 credits, out of which 26 are compulsory and 9 are optional). Vocational studies comprise 135 credits. The language of instruction is Finnish.

Our objective is to offer multidisciplinary study programmes, a high-quality teaching and learning environment and a well-functioning quality management system.In addition, we strive to be a sought-after study and work place with a competent and motivated staff. We engage in active cooperation with the world of work, educational institutions and other interest groups. Our students are successful in finding employment and opportunities for further studies. Our operations are cost-efficient and productive.

Forssa Vocational Institute has received numerous acknowledgments for quality work.The County Governor’s Quality Award was granted in 2003 and the Vocational Education and Training Quality award in 2010.

Our values include customer orientation, individuality, learning, vocational skills and vocational pride, social responsibility and sustainable development, and cooperation.



Vocational Qualification in Audio-Visual Communication, Media assistant

Vocational Qualification in Crafts and Design. Artisan (ceramics)

Vocational Qualification in household and cleaning services, Housekeeper

Natural Sciences

Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology

Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services

Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services, Cook

Social Services, Health and Sport

Vocational Qualification in Beauty Care, Beauty therapist

Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care, Practical Nurse

Technology, Communication and Transport

Vocational Qualification in Vehicle Technology, Vehicle Mechanic

Vocational Qualification in Logistics, Articulated Vehicle Driver

Vocational Qualification in Information and Telecommunications Technology, ICT Technician

Vocational Qualification in food production, Baker-confectioner, Foods maker, Meat product processor

Vocational Qualification in Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, Electrician

Vocational Qualification in Metalwork and Machinery, Machinist

Vocational Qualification in Metalwork and Machinery, Plater-welder

Vocational Qualification in Building Maintenance Technology, Plumber

Vocational Qualification in Construction, Builder

Vocational Qualification in Surface Treatment Technology, Painter

Vocational Qualification in Technical Design, Design Assistant

Social Sciences, Business Economics and Administration

Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration


Vocational head start


Applying for vocational upper secondary education and training (vocational qualifications) takes place through the joint application system for vocational education and training and upper secondary schools. Applications can be submitted via the internet at or our website  For any entrance and aptitude tests, educational institutions send applicants an invitation by mail. For career guidance and preparation for vocational upper secondary education and training, educational institutions use their own application forms.


General admittance requirements

Requirements for admittance into vocational institutions include:

  • graduation from secondary school or equivalent knowledge
  • fluent verbal and written knowledge of Finnish (applicants whose mother tongue is not Finnish are required to take a language test)
  • health status suitable for the vocation
  • an aptitude test is required for nearly all fields of vocational education and training
  • adults with education and training or work experience in their field can be admitted directly into the second or third year of study

Link to the web pages of the Finnish National Board of Educations


On-the-job training refers to an integral part of vocational education and training and is carried out on the job. On-the-job training is target-oriented and guided. Vocational upper secondary qualifications comprise a minimum of 20 credits of on-the-job training.

On-the-job training affords employers the opportunity to become acquainted with the students and also an excellent opportunity to recruit new staff from among graduating students.


International activities at the Forssa Vocational Institute aim to provide students with knowledge and skills that enable them to function successfully and competitively in different international operating environments so that they are capable of representing Finland, Finnish society and their own organisation and have the capacity to function independently in an international environment.

Forssa Vocational Institute teachers prepare students for international activities in conjunction with suitable subject areas throughout the course of the education and training.

International activities include the following:

  • on-the-job training abroad
  • studying abroad
  • field trips abroad
  • teacher exchange
  • international theme days and weeks
  • exhibitions
  • vocational training in a foreign language


Street address:

Forssa Vocational Institute
Saksankatu 27,
30100 Forssa, Finland

Mailing address:

Forssa Vocational Institute
P.O. Box 12, 30101 Forssa, Finland

Billing address:

Lounais-Hämeen koulutuskuntayhtymä (Southwest Häme region federation of municipalities for vocational education and training), P.O. Box 12, 30101 Forssa, Finland


Forssa office, Saksankatu 27 and 46, Forssa

Telephone: +358 40 7130 555

Email: kirjaamo(at), firstname.lastname(at)

Forssan ammatti-instituutti &
Faktia Oy
Postiosoite:  PL 12, 30101 Forssa
Käyntiosoite: Saksankatu 27


Keskus 040 7130 555
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